The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

The Stack and Tilt golf swing is a phrase which I first heard of a couple of years ago, and relates to a technique of swinging the golf club which sounds alien to the more traditional methods. If you spend time watching the PGA tour on television then no doubt you will also have heard the phrase, but what does it mean?

During the course of my own swing, I take the club back and transfer my weight from my front foot to my back foot, so that the majority of my weight is on my back foot when the club is at the top of my backswing. As I swing through the ball, my weight transfers from the back foot to the front foot, (hopefully) at the point of clubface impact with the ball. This transference of weight is what I believe generates the greatest amount of clubhead speed at the point of striking the ball. To me, this approach makes sense, and it feels like I am hitting the golf ball with the entire weight of my body.

A golfer executing a stack and tilt golf swing would keep the weight on the front foot for the duration of the swing – i.e. there would be none of the traditional weight transference as described above. In fact, if anything, the stack and tilt golfer would actually transfer more weight to the front foot as the club goes back! So, during the swing, the leading side of the body would be ‘stacked’ over the front foot. That just sounds like it would feel weird…

The tilt part of stack and tilt sounds even more uncomfortable for traditional swingers like me. As the golfer brings the club back, the spine should tilt in the direction of the target, and this in turn causes the straightening of the right leg. This all sounds very complicated, but Golf Digest has a very informative article about this type of swing, and you can read that article here: . There are also some photographs which probably make more sense than my descriptions.

So what are the advantages of the Stack and Tilt golf swing? Well, due to the much reduced movement of weight through-out the swing, there is a greater chance of hitting the ball the way you intended, as you have significantly reduced movement in your swing. You will also be hitting down on the ball more, due to lack of weight transfer, and this will result in you hitting the ball more consistently, so there will be less chance of hitting the ball ‘fat’ or ‘thin’.

From reading articles on the Stack and Tilt, it sounds like a really good way to swing. However, there would be such fundamental changes to the way I swing that I’m not sure I would like to try it myself without asking an instructor to talk me through it…