A Simple Golf Swing

A couple of years ago, before I tried A Simple Golf Swing, I came close to giving up playing golf. I had been playing for around twenty years and my handicap was rooted in the high teens. I was frustrated that I wasn’t scoring anywhere near the level I thought I should be. I felt that I was a better golfer than my handicap or scores indicated and I felt helpless.

I tried a lot of remedies; reading instruction manuals, getting lessons from various pro’s and practising more. Despite all that, I couldn’t seem to improve. I had what I thought was a decent swing, and on the range I was able to consistently make good contact with the golf ball and hit decent shots most of the time.

My problem was that once on the course, my game went to pieces. I would stand on the tee and not have a bail out area to aim for – I was capable of hitting a severe hook as much as I was capable of hitting a severe slice. This was resulting in a lot of lost balls and causing my scores to be inflated with penalty shots.

Teeing off with irons is no fun at all either. In order to play safe I had to tee off with a six iron, which made the second shot a lot longer. This in turn puts additional pressure on the short game, leading to more dropped shots.  I just wasn’t enjoying my golf at all.

As I mentioned, I had tried numerous solutions to try and figure out a way to get round the course without losing six balls every round. The professional I took lessons from showed me drills which were designed to eliminate the right side of the target area, meaning that I would only have one potential bad shot to deal with – a hook. This was great, and I managed to eliminate the right side of the range from my game. However, back on the course and I was just as inconsistent as ever – slicing and hooking my tee shots all over the golf course.

I have always been able to hit the ball well, if not very accurately. Even with a handicap in the high teens I thought that if I could just gain some accuracy off the tee I could get my handicap down to a low number. All I had to do was find a way to consistently hit my tee shots on to the fairway.

One Sunday night about a year ago, out of frustration with the way my lessons didn’t seem to be helping my scores, I started looking on the internet to see if anyone else was having similar problems. Someone on one of the golf forums pointed me to the golf swing guru website. This website sells an instruction manual entitled ‘the Simple Golf Swing’, which was developed as a means of showing average and worse than average golfers how to break eighty. The website struck a chord with me – it promised me I would hit the ball straighter and more accurately than before, and with greater distance too. I bought the course that night, and spent the next few days reading everything.

Later that week I went to the driving range to practise what I had learned from the Simple Golf Swing. I made some notes to take with me, so I wouldn’t forget what I was aiming to do.

I started off with fixing my grip – luckily, my grip was already quite good so I didn’t need to make too much of an alteration there. I was determined to follow the instruction in the book as closely as possible. I then focused on my alignment and my takeaway.

It took me a couple of visits to the range before I started noticing the improvement in my ball striking. I was definitely hitting the ball straighter, and more consistently. However, I had seen this all before. I never had a problem hitting the ball well on the range – it was out on the course that my problems began.

I made several visits to the range, practising the lessons in the book, before I ventured out on the course for the first time. I was apprehensive, as I always had problems taking my range game out on to the course.

Right from the first hole I was amazed. My drive was right up the middle of the fairway, and I made the green in regulation. The range game had finally made it to the course! I enjoyed that round of golf tremendously. I didn’t lose a single ball, and I looked forward to hitting my driver off the tee for the first time in years.

That round was about two years ago now, and since then my handicap has come down from high teens to 4. More importantly, I am enjoying my golf again.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, then you could do a lot worse than try out the Simple Golf Swing. It worked for me.